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Who should I address my cover letters to and who is my contact person if I have any questions?

At Kahmann-Frilla Lichtwerbung, Ms. Mag. Christine Kahmann Rötzer is responsible for all recruitment questions

How can I apply to KLW?

Please only apply to us via this career page. 

How does the application process work?

This differs a little bit from place to place. However, we proceed as follows:

  1. Checking the application documents: We generally first check the application documents you received via our online form.

  2. First contact: If we see potential for collaboration, we will have an initial phone call to clarify the most important key data.

  3. Interview: This may be followed by an invitation to our company to get to know you personally. The focus is on your skills and personality (no assessment center or similar). This gives you the opportunity to get to know our company and your future colleagues and superiors.

  4. Commitment: If both sides are happy, the final contract will be negotiated and once it has been signed, things can begin.

How does the interview work?

You usually have the conversation with Ms. Christine Kahmann Rötzer and one of our colleagues. This is usually your future supervisor or someone from the same department. We want to get to know you in a relaxed atmosphere and give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, explain your motivation for the job and clarify your questions. After the conversation, we will of course show you the respective work area.

How long will my application documents be saved?

After the application process, your data will remain stored in our system for 6 months. This depends on your consent in the data protection declaration.

What documents should be included in my application?

Send us your cover letter explaining why you want to work with us, your CV and your references. These documents should be included in your application.

What can I expect after successful recruitment?

First day of work: Approximately 1 week before your first day of work, you will receive a welcome letter from us to get you in the mood for your new job with us. The first day begins with a short introduction to organizational topics from your immediate superior. This person will then also provide technical support in the respective department and support your integration into the team.

What is the dress code?

Fitters receive KLW equipment. Safety shoes, which are required in many parts of production, should be brought with you in advance if possible. Otherwise, safety shoes can be ordered from us twice a year. This will be communicated in good time and organized by KLW. You can find out what the dress code for your department actually looks like from your new department head.

She or you at KLW?

At KLW, there is a consistent “you” culture in almost every department. For this reason, we have also opted for the “you form” in the career area. Admittedly, this is not that easy for the first personal contact. Not everyone wants to be referred to as their first name and of course we respect that. Therefore, communication during the application process takes place in “you” form. At the latest when the contract has been signed, we usually switch to "you" - assuming your consent, of course.

How long does the probation period last?

When structuring the probationary period, we comply with the legal regulations of the collective agreement for workers and employees in the metal processing industry

What is our privacy policy?

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